About Us

Our business began in 2010. Growing up in Wyoming, we lacked a quality roping dummy to practice on year round. Without a realistic dummy on the market to improve on, we took matters into our own hands, leading to the development and patenting of the Tuf Kaf Tie Down roping dummy. We soon expanded our horizons by creating a realistic goat tying dummy (the Tuf Goat) allowing for compete start to finish goat runs, like never offered before. You asked for a realistic portable ground dummy, so we developed the "GTS"  (Ground Training System).  Are latest roping dummy, is the Tuf Kaf 2.0/jr, a more modern sized roping calf.  We hope you enjoy our realistic roping training dummies.


My brother and I are now 25 and 27 years old. We continue to improve practice in the rodeo world by offering quality, realistic, affordable products. Thank you for your support and good luck!





-  Colter & Casey Sellers,  Tuf Kaf LLC

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