Getting It Right On the Ground

It can be challenging to find a good place to ground tie when I'm on the road. Keeping my flank and tie snappy is crucial to putting together a strong season, so I've found that the best way to stay sharp is by flanking and tying the Tuf Kaf. Below are the things I'm working on during my ground tying session.

Going Down the Rope

When I'm going down the rope, I keep both hands forward and make sure my butt is down the whole time. My knees are bent, my feet are shoulder width apart and I'm in an athletic stance the entire time like a linebacker in football or a guard in basketball. That’s how I run down the rope and flank the calf.

When I start down the rope, I want to take big strong strides. My left foot stops in front of the front legs of the calf, so that the inside of my left knee hits the brisket of the calf. Then I rotate my hips and bring my right foot behind the front legs of the calf so that the top of my thigh is directly under the front part of the rib cage of the calf.

When I'm stepping in for the block and coming under the calf, I bend my left arm and bring it in tight to my body. I pick the calf’s front end up with my left arm. Again, I'm always in an athletic stance, with my left arm in tight to my body and my right hand on the flank. I want to touch the calf with my chest and keep my chin tucked throughout the flanking process. Then I explode straight up and flank the calf.

Tying the Tuf Kaf

I personally have a four step tying process that I teach at all my clinics. I walk through this process strong and slow when I tie the Tuf Kaf.

Within my four steps, I’m focusing on keeping my left elbow in and tight after I gather the legs, sitting down on the calf all the way and keeping my right leg straight. I make sure my heel is down and toe up, with my right hand and right elbow out throughout the two wraps and hooey. I make my wraps big, smooth and even, popping the tail of my string on the ground on every wrap. Finally, after pulling my half hitch tight, I throw my hands up while keeping contact between my butt and the calf.

I like to ground tie every chance I get. Quality is always better then quantity so that I can maintain optimal focus throughout the duration of my practice. If you have questions, message me at and I will help you in any way I can.

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