Handling Your Slack and Perfecting Your Dismount

When I rope the Tuf Kaf, it’s 95% for my horse. If my horse works well at the rodeo, I have a much better chance of winning. I want to do everything I can to prepare my horses and keep them sharp. Roping the Tuf Kaf also enhances my performance.

I always ride my horse in straight behind the Tuf Kaf or to left of it, to simulate real cattle at the rodeos. I ride in close and never reach on the Tuf Kaf.

I keep all my swings even and the same speed, always directed at the shoulder. I focus on riding my horse up and through my delivery.

Next, I snap my slack shut and ask my horse to drop their butt and start sliding.

I drag my left hand to the saddle horn. At this point, I read where the calf is positioned in relation to my horse. This determines where I put my slack. I either pitch it up high and then to the right or left, or I crack it up and slap it to the left or the right and hang onto it.

When I get ready to dismount, I have my left hand on the saddle horn. I drag my left leg back and over my horse's rump and swing it down to the ground in one smooth motion. In the meantime, my right knee is bent and my right toe is pointing forward, so that I don’t have a straight leg and stick my toe into my horse, which encourages them to duck left.

Finally, I always drop the reins at the saddle horn as I'm leaving my horse. Handling your slack and perfecting your dismount can be challenging, so if you have any questions, feel free to message me at www.facebook.com/dane.kissack. I'd love to help you!

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