Tuf Kaf- Makes you Practice Correctly

The Tuf Kaf is an ultimate alternative to live cattle for tie down ropers of all ages and skills. The Tuf Kaf offers a realistic look and feel, that others can't offer. The anatomically correct Tuf Kaf has patented features such as the ball and socket joints with a ligament like springs, anatomically correct legs and knee joints and an awesome exclusive rubber material that is durable and yet has that great rope action and feel you all love. You can't cheat the Tuf Kaf; It will make you hold on the bending knee joint, squeeze with your thigh, roll your wrist when gathering the legs and keep your elbow out when making your wraps, plus many other features. It is by far the most elite calf roping training tool on the market. Winning starts with practicing with the Best for Proven results! www.tufkaf.comn

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