Breaking to the Pin


To get a good start in Breakaway or Calf roping and to get into proper position quicker, make sure your horse is breaking to the pin. The “pin” is the corner of the chute where the barrier attaches. You must line up your horse when backed into the corner so that you can see your calf off the right side of your horse. This will help you break to the pin and not lose sight of your calf during the run. You can’t catch what you can’t see! When you horse actually breaks to the pin, it will be a straight line from the corner of the box to the corner of the chute where the barrier would be pinned. Your left leg will be real close to the chute as you leave the box. This will also help your horse get into position straight behind the calf quicker so you have a quicker shot to throw. Breaking to the pin will also give you less barrier penalties and will help your calf run straighter.

Where to look on your calf; Look at the calf’s right shoulder where his neck connects into the shoulder. I want to look there when I back into the box and keep my eyes there during the whole run. This takes effort to keep your eyes on your target, so be aware of where your eyes are looking. If you look at the calf’s shoulder and deliver to where you are looking, you will be able to catch clean around the neck even on the head ducking calves or calves with horns.

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