GROUND WORK- Flanking and Tying from the Chute

“Ground work” Flanking and Tying from the Chute

Flanking and tying from the chute is a great way to practice your ground work, if it is done correctly. “One thing that a lot of people overlook is making sure that your rope length is correct. It should be around 19 feet long from the chute to the calf. This will make sure you learn the correct steps from your horse to the calf. Its not the same feel as coming off the horse, but this will allow you to learn to run with no momentum, then when you get a send off from your horse, it will be much quicker.” On your very first run always make sure that you don’t make any bobbles or mistakes. “Make sure you run to the calf, or “Tuf Kaf”, collected with momentum that you would have from your dismount off your horse, this will make you that much faster in a real run.” You only get one run in a rodeo, and you want to have muscle memory of being smooth so you don’t make those mistakes in competition. When flanking and tying whether you’re using live calves or the “Tuf Kaf” always make sure to never short cut so that you won’t create bad habits.

The easiest bad habit to create is short cutting your flank and string. Most of the time we want to hurry up and get to the tying part and forget about the other parts of your run. But, I have learned from everyone I have worked with, that in order to have a good run you have to make every part of your run smooth, to be fast. The best way to accomplish that is to concentrate on every step to ensure that everything is sharp and correct. With the Tuf Kaf your fully in control, it is a tool that allows you to emphasis and practice correct moves without resistance. Then you can practice with live cattle.

One way to help yourself out of a bad habit of short cutting is to flank and tie bigger calves, or the “Tuf Kaf” . This will make it harder for you to just spin a tie on. “The fastest way to overcome a bad habit is to completely over emphasize everything that you do.” That way when you draw the best calf in the pen, whether it’s at a rodeo or a roping, you have practiced over emphasizing your whole run and that calf will be a lot easier to make a good run on and be smooth.

Always remember that smooth is fast, you win your buckles in the practice pen and collect them at the rodeos.

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