The biggest set back most calf ropers run into is their own mind.The mental game is a huge important part of calf roping and rodeo.If you can learn to control your mind, it will take you far in the sport of calf roping. Before you got to a roping or a rodeo, you must prepare your horse, yourself and your mind. For example, if your are going to a three head average roping, you don't want to rope everything fast or do anything to make your horse short, as he will shorten up every calf at the roping anyway. So you must prepare him, and in the same way you must prepare your mind. Don't just run a million calves, with your mind not focused on what you want and what you need out of every run. Score, ride, rope and finish! Do everything the same when training and preparing your mind, just like you would when training a colt. Some people will play games in their head while at the practice pen, to simulate a rodeo or short go at a roping to add pressure to a normally relaxed setting. This is a great way to prepare your mental game. Practicing correctly in the practice pen will let your muscle memory react at the rodeo. Making sure you have that confidence, knowing you can make that run when you back into the box allows for no doubt and the muscle memory will take over.

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