Is the Economy getting in the way of your Calf Roping?

SS Roping,llc has found a way to own fewer calves and feed less hay. Using the Tuf Kaf roping training system is the answer. The Tuf Kaf is being used by professional/amateur ropers and horse trainers of all ages. The Tuf Kaf has been proven to be advantageous and economical in the practice arena. It is the one on the market that replicates a realistic calf for calf ropers and breakaway ropers. It is important to practice roping and tying from your horse, but your ground work is equally important. This Tuf Kaf is designed for you to flank and tie from the chute or just tie it on the ground. You can even put it on its belly and rope it on the ground. This is just the beginning of what you can do with it; you can track it and rope it from your horse, run down the rope, daylight, flank and tie, and you can use it to tune your horse as well. No more wasting and choking out your good calves while trying to train or tune up your calf horse. The Tuf Kaf take the abuse over and over again and always stays "fresh". You can also use it for training young horses; that way you have complete control over the run before you start the horse on live calves. This roping dummy will give you better practice runs, in less time, and less money spent on calves. It just makes cents! Pardon the pun, but in this economy, there is a definite place for calf roping training systems. I recommend taking a look at this realistic Tuf Kaf. I think you'll agree it is by far the superior training device for all calf ropers and breakaway ropers.

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