The first thing to do when your getting your horse ready for competition is to start with breakaway roping a few calves to make sure your horse is giving you a shot by getting in that correct position and making sure that your roping is sharp. On a lot of horses, it helps to free them up on the first calf, so that your horse doesn't short your throw, allowing you to get that good shot. After that, you can shorten your horse up again on the runs immediately following. This will make your horse more honest and listen to your cues you give him, so you will have the best chance to win at the rodeo.

Next, you want to make sure that your horse is working the rope properly. The Tuf Kaf is an outstanding tool for this. You can simply hook up your Tuf Kaf to an ATV or other means of transportation, lope up to it and rope it off the sled; making sure your horse is punching out of his stop and getting back without worrying about choking out your expensive calves while your correcting a problem. On another run, you can rope the Tuf Kaf off the sled again and run down the rope and let your horse drag the Tuf Kaf across your leg to make sure he is working the rope properly. Then flank and sit on the calf to cue your horse to stop pulling. This is very easy and and effective way to tune your calf horse.

Another very important part of getting yourself prepared

for a run in competitions is making sure your horse scores properly. The best way to accomplish this is to score live calves until you horse relies solely on your cue for them to leave the box. The start is very key. It sets the bar for the rest of your run. A good start is important at any level of roping competition. Don't have live calves? Put your Tuf Kaf in the chute and score with it. It's just as important for your horse to be ready for competition as it is for your mind and body!

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