Benefits to Using a Roping Dummy in practice.

Is there a benefit to using a roping dummy? Yes. Does it replace the real thing? No. It is important to practice roping and tying from your horse, but your ground work is equally important. The Tuf Kaf training systems are the most realistic training aids on the market. If your going to invest time in practicing and getting a dummy, why not own the most realistic that replicates the real thing. The Tuf Kaf has bending knee joints, ball and sockets joints, deep flank handle, realistic rope action, exaggerated leg length to avoid cheating. The dummies can take the abuse over and over again and always stay fresh. You can also keep your seasoned horses tuned or be training a young horse.

The GTS ground dummy looks like a real calf, has great rope action, replicates the head, neck and shoulders of a real calf. Perfect your swing, loop angle, and how to place your slack on the ground, before roping off a horse with live cattle. Build muscle memory on the ground. There is a definite place for calf roping training systems. I recommend taking a look at these realistic Tuf Kaf products. I think you'll agree it is by far the superior training device for all calf ropers and breakaway ropers.

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