How to Train for Calf Roping

Calf roping is a fast paced rodeo event. It requires strength, excellent timing and skill. Make sure you practice your calf roping skills on a training system before attempting it with a horse and calf. This is safer and creates less frustration for beginners when they are learning. It is also a great tool for seasoned ropers. A pro clinic might be the way to gain knowledge and point out areas that need improvement. Many pros use the Tuf Kaf calf roping system. It simulates a real calf, in a controlled environment needed to create correct muscle memory. If you going to invest your time, money and energy to learn and get better at the sport of calf roping, don't skimp on your training tools. Get a professional calf roping dummy. One that will allow you to get better by being more correct in your fundamentals and not just let you go fast and look cool. You need to learn the fundamentals in the practice pen, to avoid the bobbles in the arena. Practice methodically and with purpose.

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