TUFKAF introduces a newly improved JR Tufkaf

TUFKAF introduces a newly improved and re-engineered calf roping dummy, the JUNIOR Tufkaf. We have examined and paid particular attention to every little detail in this dummy. It is a lighter framed calf, developed to match the size of the modern roping cattle. It has a thinner groin,so the legs gather and cross smoothly to replicate the feel of a live calf, causing perfect muscle memory. The Jr Tuf Kaf is a super high quality manufactured in the USA product to assist the beginner roper all the way to the Senior Pro-athlete. With this dummy you will get the same durable patented Tuf Kaf ball and socket joints, ligament-like springs and anatomically correct body parts. This dummy will make you do things correctly, so you practice with purpose. It is available as a stand alone tying dummy or with a newly designed safe,horse friendly sled. Along with all these great features; we kept the same original durable life-like material as the original Tuf kaf is made of,allowing you to replicate the rope action of a real calf that you ropers all love. The Tuf Kaf Jr is the ultimate calf roping dummy from its realistic head/neck, leg size and movement to its feel when roping and tying it. This product will change the way calf ropers learn and become better and faster competitors. www.tufkaf.com

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