Are you having trouble getting your new Tuf Goat to stand? Well, let us help you with that.

They sometimes come from the manufacturer with the legs fairly tight, So, pop off the black caps on four legs. Loosen or tighten the bolt in front and rear to loosen the legs and allow the legs to spread apart. When the legs are very loose, stand over the goat and spread the front out and then spread the rear legs apart as well. Don't be afraid to really spread the legs apart. There is a flexible rod inside the legs that will allow it to bend, but return to the original position when released. The legs need to be

spread out wider than the tuf goats body. Walah! The Tuf Goat stands alone. .

By loosening or tightening the legs you can find the feel that fits your needs and style of gathering. For example, if you want to stuff in the air, the legs need to be very loose. If you have any questions with this just give us a call, we would be glad to help you out. 307-217-0392

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