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Tuf Tarp

Protect your Tuf Kaf


Protect your investment. A convenient fitted Tuf Kaf Tarp that will keep your Kaf from inclement weather and the sun’s harsh UV rays.

The Tuf Kaf Tarp is:

  • Waterproof

  • Mildew, dirt and stain-resistant

  • Ultraviolet protected

  • Made of 18 oz. Herculite, vinyl and polyester composite that has extreme strength and dimensional stability


$189.00 + 29.00 s/h.

tuf kaf cap camel.jpg
Tuf Kaf Baseball Cap
$25.00 + shipping $15.50

  HERO Breakaway hondo

Never cut an expensive rope to Practice

We recommend this hondo when Breakawaying the Tuf Kaf dummies. It works slick and you don't have to cut a rope to use it.  

$24.99 plus shipping $7.10


Call if you want to order more than one and we can save you the extra shipping  1-307-217-0392

Goat Stake & 10" Rope

$25.00 + shipping $9.99

Replacement - Ligament -Like Springs

1 Replacement Spring $10.00 +$7.10 sh
2 Replacement Spring $20.00 +$7.10 sh
4 Replacement Spring $40.00 +$7.10 sh

If your unsure of the parts you need, just give us a call 307-217-0392

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